We’re here for you and your loved ones as a personal assistant providing over 21 services to meet our clients needs. Our services cater to the aging adults that now require assistance with activities of daily living. We provide these services for our elderly community that is unable to perform such duties due to a loss in functional abilities such as mobility, cognition; and even our aging adults that are too busy, or just have no desire to perform these tasks any longer. 

Kingdom Care Concierge Services were founded by a compassionate, caring nurse that has 15 years experience in the nursing field. Ten of those years were dedicated to specializing in Alzheimer, dementia, and long-term geriatric healthcare. Seeing the traumatic transition elderly patients had to undergo by being moved from their homes to a nursing home; which in many cases caused them to withdraw and have a significant decline in their health, fueled the passion for home health. 

The importance of our elderly loved ones staying in their homes around all of the things that are familiar is essential to their quality of life. That’s why we’re here for you and your loved ones, to provide a unique set of services that will add value to our elderly community lives by giving them a sense of normalcy while staying in the comfort of their own homes.

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